China Wanda Group is key national high-tech enterprise entitled by the Science and Technology Ministry, now it has developed to possess over 30 billion RMB total assets, occupied over 5.6 million ㎡, over 13,000 employees and covers tires, electric cable, chemical, real estate development four big industries and it is national large enterprise group with national enterprise technical center, post-doctoral research station and laboratory of national grade. Wanda Group has become the China’s Top 500 Enterprises, China's Top 500 Manufacturing Enterprises, China’s Top 500 Private Enterprises, and the tires, electric cable, chemical and other products, developed by Wanda, are exported to over 140 countries and regions.

  Wanda Chemical Group, as one of Wanda Group’s 7 subsidiary groups, is a first level national large scale enterprise, as well as the Key High-tech Enterprises covered by the National Torch Plan. It has assets more than 4 billion RMB, covers 600,000 ㎡, and over 1,300 employees. Wanda Chemical Group has passed ISO9001, ISO14001 and OHSAS18001 systems integrated certification and runs independent import and export operations. The Group mainly engaged in R & D and production of petrochemical and fine chemicals, and covers butadiene, Cis-1,4-Polybutadiene rubber, carbon black, ABS high glue powder, MBS plastic impact modifier, PAM, ACR plastic processing aid, demulsifier and 4,4’-ODA dozens of products, and also provide technical services in oil-field exploitation. It is the Asian largest and the world 3rd largest MBS manufacturer, national largest ODA manufacturer, and the largest single plant capacity, the fifth total capacity carbon black manufacturer in China.

  The butadiene project is one of the new projects started by China Wanda Group in 2012. With total investment of 1 billion RMB, the project is one of Kenli County key projects. It has been finished on Sep. 29th, 2013, and it can add annual sales income 5.9 billion RMB, 520 million RMB profit after tax. The project mainly composed by catalyst producing device, butadiene producing device and its ancillary facility, which by using national and international first level butadiene oxidative dehydrogenation devices and DCS full automatic control system can realize efficient centralized control, smoothly operate, safely producing and unified management. In the technology processing, energy consumption, environmental protection aspects, it has reached the international leading level, which contains high technique content, low energy consumption, steady process and other outstanding features. This project plays an important role in extending Wanda Chemical industry chain, keeping adjusting and optimizing product structure, making new economic growth points, and promoting local economical development.

Cis-1,4-Polybutadiene rubber project is one of eight key projects in Wanda Group 2010, with investment of 150 million Yuan and total construction layout of 30 thousand tons per year, which will increase annual marketing income of 900 million Yuan adding a higher tax of 150 million Yuan. The enlargement of second phase is planned in 2012 and finished on May. 1st, 2013, and the capacity can reach to 80,000 t/y. In accordance with the high-standard of “first-class technology, first-class equipment and managed by professional”, the technology and process of Cis-1,4-Polybutadiene rubber project rank top in the same national industry. Its critic equipments are imported or from domestic first-class manufacturers, and control system adopts advanced DCS automatic control system which strictly controls the reaction temperature, pressure and other parameters within the scope of process demands, achieving the routinization, intelligentization and processing full accuracy control, which effectively ensured the stable quality of products.

ABS project has 300,000 t/y ABS grain, 60,000 t/y powder capacity, and it applies self-developed new technology, which conquered international high-molecule particle enlarge technology, and the process applies DCS auto-control, so the product property will be much superior and stable.MBS PVC impact modifier, with world class comprehensive performance, remains at the top in producing and marketing which covers up 70% of domestic market share. MBS products are exported to Taiwan, Southeast Asia and other countries and regions. Its key indicators on impact resistance and transparency are better than or equal to similar imported products and have been listed in the "National Torch Plan." Technical processes depend on independent research and development. The production line is the largest in capacity and most advanced in technology in China, and its techniques and processes have reached world class level, which is the largest capacity and most advanced production line.

 The output and sales of polyacrylamide rank the second in China. Though the using and testing on the Daqing, Shengli, Nanyang, Zhongyuan, Dagang, Sinkiang oil field and related geological institutions, the key indexes of our products, such as high temperate resistance, anti-aging, anti-shearing, salt tolerance, Had reached or exceed Japan, Britain, France and other world famous company , s Similar products technical level.The product was listed in “Shandong Scientific and Technological Project” and “Shandong Province Torch Plan”, and rated "China famous brand" and the domestic" Industry Top Five ", with the"Wanquan" brand recognized as "China Reputed Trademark".

The development and industrial application project of demulsifier and other key petrochemicals have been awarded the First Prize for Scientific and Technological Progress by China Petroleum and Chemical Industry Association, therefore the company has been recognized as “National Torch Plan Key High-tech Enterprise”. With constant expansion of series products of demulsifier, the capacity of above products reach 10000 Tons per year. Used and proved by eight oil fields including Shengli and Daqing oil fields, the products have high quality stability, dehydration rate and dehydration time, which are the top in China, significantly reduce the capital cost of oil dehydration and received well by customers.

In addition, the capacity of Wanda Group ODA (4,4-Diaminodiphenyl Ether)project has reached more than 1,000tons/year. The production and sales quantity of ODA products rank No.1 in the domestic market for years and covers more than thirty provinces and cities. Meanwhile, we also export to more than twenty countries and regions like America, UK and France etc.

The next step, Wanda Chemical Group will always implement the "focusing on leading industry, creating international famous brand, building hundred billion enterprise, establishing century Wanda" the medium and long-term development goals, has always been adhering to the "with quality and integrity put first, the company strives to lead China’s chemical industry" business philosophy, vigorously carry forward the "career first, openness basing on sincerity, solidarity and cooperation, have the courage to bring forth new ideas" spirit of enterprise, by taking scientific management approaches, increasing input in technological reform and implementing sustainable development strategy to revitalize the enterprise depending on technologies, the Company will make greater contributions to the national chemical industry 

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