Research and development strength
Chemical Research Institute of scientific research team is rich, strong technical force, advanced mode of operation. It has all kinds of advanced test and analysis equipment, with powerful scientific research and technological innovation ability. Since the establishment of the institute, it has solved a number of technical problems, so that chemical products can keep pace with the times, improve the grade, and have the direction of replacement, especially to improve the added value of products, reflects the "high, fine, sharp" scientific research development advantages.
In recent years, the research institute of chemical industry has developed rapidly. Nano particle potential analyzer, gas chromatography, liquid chromatography, thermogravimetric analyzer and so on reach the leading level in China. PVC, ACR plastics processing aids, 4,4’-ODA is researched. The company developed the MBS was included in the "National Torch Plan", PAM was included in the "provincial scientific research project" and "Shandong Torch Plan", the key petroleum chemicals development and industrial application of the project is Chinese, petroleum and Chemical Industry Association awarded the first prize of progress in science and technology. Demulsifier products have been used in 8 oilfields such as Shengli and Daqing. The quality of the products is stable. The dehydration rate and dehydration time are in the leading position in China. PAM products have been used and tested by several oil fields and related geological institutes, and proved to be superior to imported products in terms of high temperature resistance, aging resistance, shear resistance and salinity resistance. In 2001, the product was included in the national second batch of key technology transformation "double high and one excellent" project oriented program, and in September 2007 was awarded "China famous brand" products and other honorary titles. One of the main drafting units of MBS industry standard.

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