Staff world
The human resources department is adhering to the task of enterprise recruitment, through various channels called many talents for the enterprise, on the one hand and many colleges and universities, conveying a large number of high-quality employees for the enterprise, but also reduce the employment pressure of college students for the society; on the other hand, every fixed time to recruit the talent market, in the growth of the enterprise team at the same time to solve the problem of surplus labor in society; at the same time make full use of cyber source as much as possible for the development of enterprises and the growth of service.
In addition, the human resources department is always concerned about the growth of employees. Help employees develop career planning, actively organize staff training and staff training. Provide employees with opportunities for promotion each year, giving employees the greatest room for development.
In short, the human resources department is committed to attracting a large number of highly educated, high ability for enterprises and talents, to assist the company with strong management, external image, the full implementation of the science and technology and the strategy of sustainable development, to achieve the group company "hugerome essence, to create a hundred years Wanda" enterprise vision, for the revitalization of China's chemical industry continuously make new contributions.
We recognize the values of Wanda, competent and responsible, team spirit, willing to learn the most valuable assets for the company, and provide employees with beneficial learning and development opportunities for enterprises and employees themselves.
Staff training
1、 We provide training for every new employee, including group presentations, corporate culture, human resources policies and systems, agriculture, agricultural products and food bases, knowledge, and interpretation of organic product standards.
2、We provide multi-level training courses for on-the-job staff, including job skills training, basic management courses, leadership promotion courses, etc.
Employee development
1、 We evaluate employees' performance according to their goals, identify employees' strengths and weaknesses, and develop personal development goals and action plans. The direct supervisor will help the staff to establish personal development plan (IDP) and regularly review the implementation of the plan
2、Personal development talks are held once a year. At the end of each year, the company talks about employees' annual work review and future development plan
3、Gradually establish a staff learning and development resource library to provide support for employee development. We also encourage employees through on-the-job development activities in various forms to improve the ability to work, such as rotation and rotation, assume more important responsibilities. It also supports staff to develop non on-the-job learning activities, such as reading books, browsing professional website information, participating in internal and external communication, etc.

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